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How to stay connected when working remotely

July 20, 2021

With 2021 presenting similar challenges to its predecessor, navigating these uncharted waters has meant businesses both large and small have had to adapt to survive. Needless to say, workplace flexibility has never been more important. 

Until now, working from home had largely been considered a luxury and a last-resort. Remote working was largely viewed as less engaging, and required a business to trust their staff implicitly.

One of the biggest concern’s businesses expressed when faced with the idea of remote working was the lack of team communication and the struggle to keep people connected.

Whilst remote working does present communication challenges, there are few ways you can make the process painless, accessible and even easy!

Tips on staying connected

In order for a remote team to stay connected and communicate effectively, they must first have the necessary tools. 

To succeed at working remotely you’ll need to leverage every bit of technology and software at your disposal.

Hosted telephony

The most important piece of technology that’ll help you stay connected when working remote, is the not-so-traditional telephone.

Traditionally, communicating via a telephone required users connect to the PSTN (public switch telephone network), this was done using physical hardware, including phone lines.

The development of hosted telephones allows users to make and receive phone calls anywhere, so long as they have a stable internet connection.

This technology allows businesses to enhance their flexibility and scalability.

Arming each member of your time with a hosted telephone means they’re able to communicate with each other and key stakeholders effectively, from anywhere.

On top of this, switching to hosted telecommunications can offer a whole heap of benefits including monetary savings and increased productivity. To find out more on hosted phone systems click here.

JJ Comms can supply and install complete hosted telecommunications, for your free, no-obligation quote contact the team today.

Regular check-in’s

Scheduling in regular meetings with your team is crucial to remote working success. Whether it’s a daily morning meeting, or a weekly planning session – regular check-in’s allows your team to communicate any areas of concern or raise any queries. 

Remember, it’s not as easy for a member of your team to grab your attention like they would in an office environment.

Utilise multiple communication channels

Telephone and email will only get you so far. Using technology such as video calls can allow your team to connect on another level. Video conferencing has proven to be more effective in improving engagement and motivation, allowing employees to connect on a personal level once again.

Video conferencing can also be critical in client retention, ensuring your team schedule regular video calls with clients can provide reassurance that your business is running just as smoothly as usual. 


You might be under the impression that company socials are no longer feasible, and who could blame you; with the world locked down and social interaction put on hold.

However, the current climate is the exact reason that company socials are considered more important now than ever – and can still take place successfully!

Virtual social nights such as quiz’s, gaming and general chit-chats can all be hosted via a video conferencing platform.

Set deadlines and outline expectations

Working remotely can often be filled with many distractions and the temptation to procrastinate hard to ignore. Few of us have a dedicated office setup in our own home and working from the dusty spare bedroom might be less than inspiring.

One way of ensuring your team resist the temptation of procrastination and the distractions of everyday home life is to set work deadlines and clearly outline your expectations.

Utilising a shared calendar via the cloud can help to set project deadlines and ensures your team receive reminders about these.

Key takeaways

It’s clear that keeping your team connected when working remotely relies largely on two things; firstly, ensuring you have the relevant technology and secondly making the effort and taking the initiative to utilise this technology. 

How we can help

The team at JJ Comms can help ensure your remote setup is just as efficient as your office setup. We can supply hosted telephony solutions that’ll help your employees communicate as effectively as they would in the office, regardless of where in the world they are.

To setup your team with the tools they need to succeed remotely contact us today.

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